I honestly thought Tai Lopez was full of shit.
I didn’t even give him a chance.

I always see his youtube ads with him standing in front of a car, or a million dollar home, and ignored him – playing on my phone – until the 6 sec ad was up.

But I decided to give him a shot and watched this Tom Bilyeu interview.
He still comes across a little 🙄…but he drops some good nuggets of knowledge in this interview.

He’s blunt, practical, and matter of fact.
And I dig that.

I especially liked what he said about:
– The Kardashians
– Hustling to network
– The advantages of being slightly uncomfortable around your network
– And first comes money, then comes love
– Etc.

I listen to these interviews, playing in the background, while I do other monotonous tasks – like my hair. What are your thoughts on Tai and this interview? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jX5eajzLJMU

Source: Growth Hackers