Brittany Bingham is VP of Marketing and Growth at RaiseMe, an EdTech startup reinventing educational pathways and changing the way students access scholarships. This mission-driven social enterprise has served over 1.3 million students across the United States on their way to college. 

Additionally, she advises for a handful of startups and contributes to educational programs in the growth space. 

Prior to joining RaiseMe early in 2018, Brittany led growth marketing at SurveyMonkey, where she was responsible for optimizing acquisition, conversion, engagement, and retention via marketing channels across all of SurveyMonkey’s business units. This spanned from paid marketing to demand generation, email marketing to testing and beyond. 

Prior to her 3.5 years at SurveyMonkey, she led strategy at Milestone, a provider of digital marketing software and services for hospitality and retail industries.

Please feel free to ask Brittany questions about anything from building marketing and growth out at a marketplace startup to scaling and unlocking growth marketing in a multi-product environment with both freemium transactional (B2C) and sales-driven (B2B) offerings. 

Source: Growth Hackers