Matt, Nick, and Ian founded Traffic Think Tank, a private SEO community, in December 2017. Less than a year on and the business has generated $400k ARR and continues to grow month after month. Here’s a little more information on each of the founders of Traffic Think Tank


Matthew Howells-Barby

Matt has built his entire career on his ability to drive results. After years of leading digital campaigns at some of the most respected agencies in the UK, Matt was hired as HubSpot’s Global Head of SEO. Within six months, he’d grown organic traffic by more than 50%. Within two years, it’d skyrocketed over 200%. As HubSpot’s Director of Acquisition, he’s helped the company double sitewide conversions.


Matthew also advises on acquisition for startups and tech firms like BuildFire (0 to 1MM visitors in 9 months) AppInstitute (300% increase in organic traffic in 3 months), Formlabs, Groove, Deputy, and Lumanu.


He’s been a keynote speaker on stages like MozCon, SearchLove, INBOUND, SXSW and GrowthHackers. And he’s just getting started.


Nick Eubanks


Nick founded his first company at age 19, and sold his first business at age 24. Now, he consults on SEO strategy to billion-dollar businesses as the Founder and Chief Strategist of I’m From the Future.


Because free time is overrated, he wrote and sold a 47-post blog for $100K on a whim, and launched multiple info products in niches he had less than no experience in that netted over $500k in revenue.


All that while making sure outranks Amazon, Ebay and Walmart for their category keywords. At this point, Fortune 100s hire him just to keep him from competing with them. When it comes to technical SEO and information architecture, Nick’s the one guy you definitely want to have on your team—and now, you do.


Ian Howells


If you’ve never heard of Ian Howells, it’s because he’d probably prefer it that way. He’s more of a “shut up and rank sh*#!” guy.


Since ’99, he’s competed in and dominated in the fiercest niches and darkest corners of the web (think: poker, pills, and… you know.)


His agency work began in 2007, eventually landing him at Red Ventures where he managed a book of business worth millions per month. He now leads SEO at LendingTree, where his career depends on ranking for terms like “car loans” and “debt consolidation.”


If there’s a loophole, Ian can find and exploit it. He was using your new favorite tactic five years ago. Buckle up; it’s going to get real.

Source: Growth Hackers