Colin Darretta is the founder of WellPath, an e-commerce and media wellness business, and DojoMojo, a partnership marketing platform.

While growing WellPath, his team unexpectedly started DojoMojo because they saw partnership marketing as the most cost-effective and fast way to grow their email list and acquire new customers. Now two years later, DojoMojo connects over five thousand brands including Conde Nast, theSkimm and Casper to work together on over 10,000 partnership deals from content swaps to giveaways. At the risk of sounding too dramatic, Colin credits a significant portion of WellPath’s success to the technology enabled by DojoMojo.

He is also an investor in several consumer startups and has been interviewed on topics ranging from venture fundraising and investing in business strategies and tactics. He’s hosting this AMA to answer any questions our community might have about entrepreneurship and strategies to grow their business.

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Source: Growth Hackers