Damien Coullon is the Director of Product and head of Growth at Linkedin, driving SEO, Guest experience, Onboarding, Notifications and Virality. He believes in blending qualitative insights with quantitative analysis to get to meaningful user insight as fast as possible. In other words, Growth = quantitative intuition + fire.

Over the last 4 years, Damien has worked with amazing teams to accelerate Linkedin’s growth by increasing the value they deliver to their members. For example, they have shortened the time to get value for new Linkedin members, reduced the volume of email sent by half, increased the effectiveness of their notifications, enabled new acquisition channels like SMS to reach members in emerging markets, created new guest experiences (SEO) making it easier for people to discover the many things Linkedin can do for them, and created new ways for people to find each other and and the things they care about. 

Before Linkedin, he was head of Product and Software engineering in an e-commerce startup, and before that, he was doing strategy consulting. See more on LinkedIn. 

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Source: Growth Hackers