Freshsales CRM partnered with Nichole Elizabeth (Community Growth, Zest | Moderator, Product Hunt) for a webinar on “Growth Channels to Acquire SaaS Customers” on April 10, 2018. In this webinar, Nichole talks about:

– Different growth channels to acquire SaaS customers
– Developing a compelling value proposition
– Identifying quick wins and long-term channels for growth

Before you even begin to consider acquisition, there’s a couple of things you really need to focus on and the first one being “identifying your ideal customers.” And actually, even established companies sometimes need to go back to defining their ideal customers and revisiting what that means. You also want to build your “Alpha user group and set the foundation for your community.” And that’s also going to include customer success efforts. You are going to want to gather qualitative data and develop a compelling value proposition and create language around that value proposition that helps support it.
Source: Growth Hackers