Active Campaign is a Beast. Bastian breaks down how Active Campaign has created – conferences, a podcast, run sales booths at events, shell out 27+ blog articles per month (!!!), have meet ups across the country, and more. Impressive. And as someone in the content marketing diaspora, there are a few things in this breakdown, that I especially found interesting, for any company, of any size: 1) The Clear Choice of Avatars – in the Navigation Bar 2) Active Campaigns purposeful Pricing Strategy 3) Improvements that can be made to their Funnels 4) And even their Sales Follow-up Sequence (where he even has the saved voicemail of AC’s sales person that contacted him after signing up) This case study has some heft to it, but don’t let that scare you off. We’re always asking for in-depth content. Well, here you go. This is one of those resources I’ll read more than once to reference. It was THAT thorough, in my opinion. Hope it irons out some ideas for you, and your business or brand, as well.

Source: Growth Hackers