At GrowthHackers we get a lot of questions from teams getting started in cross-functional, customer-centric growth. Who should be on the growth team? Who should the growth team report to? How do we get buy-in across the team? How do we know where to focus our resources? The list goes on…

What we’ve learned is that every company’s situation is different and each team will need to try new ways to improve their own company’s growth mindset, culture, team, and process. There is no one-size fits all when it comes to sustainably growing a business.

With that being said, there are pioneers in modern-day growth that have experienced, tested, and gained learnings into what works well that they’re more than happy to share. It’s up to organizations getting started with a cross-functional, data-driven approach to growth to lean into these learnings for guidance.

Last May, the VP of Product and Analytics of Capital One’s CreditWise, Pranav Khanna, brought his team to the GrowthHackers Conference. After a day of the team immersing themselves in new learnings shared by growth pioneers, the team was inspired to head back to their office and begin focusing their growth efforts on the full AARRR funnel (acquisition, activation, retention, revenue, referral), high velocity testing, and building a cross-functional growth team.

Now, we’re bringing Pranav’s year of learnings to the limelight through a series of Q&A (below) AND bringing him to stage at #GHConf18. What I love about Pranav’s story was his ability to take a step back from the day-to-day grind, which can be risky, in order to learn and rethink the way things are done. By attending the conference, bringing his team, and soaking up every second of learning, he was able to get his entire team inspired and ready to dive into improving their own approach to growth. Let’s dive in!

Source: Growth Hackers