Content mediocrity is rising, and according to Erica Berger of The Economist — we have reached “Peak Content”, a time of hyper-competition and extreme saturation when it comes to content marketing.

So, what can marketers do to get heard in all this noise? Well, the answer is simple – Differentiate!

Marketers can differentiate by focusing on either unique distribution channels or by creating unique content (i.e., Youtube videos, Snapchat stories, podcasts, eBooks, tools, etc.)

When it comes to creating unique and creative content, marketers often think about Video, Snapchat Stories, Podcasts, and so on.

Many few talks about creating free tools for their target audience, which can drive exceptional ROI in terms of traffic, leads, and revenue.

Free Tools get attention (and Press too).

Have you ever wondered how HubSpot, Buffer, InVision, Calm, GrowthHackers, and MOZ like startups made it big by just building simple tools for their target users?

Read their success stories and personal opinions from founders whose true north is growth.
Source: Growth Hackers