Unleash the power of social sharing

Your content. Sharing your blog posts with others? Attach a call-to-action with ease using one of Ninja’s overlay options.

Media mentions. Is someone featuring you or your company? Share the link with followers and include your own call-to-action.

Curated blogs. Sharing someone else’s blog link? Don’t lose your visitor completely by adding a call-to-action to their content.

Get more data from the links you share

Google Analytics. Keep track of your clicks, lead conversions, purchases, likes/tweets, bounce rate, and time spent on page.

Bitly. With links you have powerful information at your fingertips, including total clicks, top channels, and best performers.

Mailchimp Integration. Using our overlay ninja links you can capture lead info into your Mailchimp list. Help build your own subscriber list.

Hubspot Integration. Place a Leadin form from Hubspot to collect customer information from your links. Know what piece of your shared content is converting.

Tracking Pixel. Use your Google retargeting pixel with Ninja Links to help retain your shared content traffic you generated.

Add a call-to-action to every link you share
without paying to have your call-to-action on the site you're sharing; and your call-to-action brings traffic back
to your site and increase your leads without increasing your budget!

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